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Capitol Steps Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us! Because we are collecting your important information, i.e. home address, email address, blood type, measurements, whether or not you cheated to get into college, etc., the Capitol Steps thought it was only fair that we explain how we will use this information.

  1. All information is collected into our mailing database. When the Capitol Steps are performing in your town, we will use this database to notify you through postcards or via email (possibly in the future).

  2. The Capitol Steps will notify you of new CDs, new Lirty Dies, and how to get tickets for upcoming performances via mail.

  3. The Capitol Steps reserve the right to snicker at your name, the way you have chosen to snicker at our ridiculous songs and costumes. We promise not to use your name in song unless you become a politician.

  4. Your information will NOT be shared with any private organization or soliciting group. No other organization has access to it and will not have access to it except to comply with applicable laws, police investigations, legal proceedings, and shotgun Vegas weddings if these should ever present themselves.

  5. You will be added to the growing list of our fans!

  6. To get OFF the mailing list, please visit our contact page and select "Unsubscribe." Upon completing the form with your correct e-mail and mailing address, you will be taken off the Capitol Steps mailing list and no longer receive any e-mails/mail promising laughter with the Capitol Steps.

Thank you from everyone involved with the Capitol Steps for enjoying us enough to visit our web site!