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  The Lyin' Kings (Songs of 2019) — $12

76 Unknowns; It's Trump's Party (and He'll Lie if He Wants To); Tweet It; The Sound of Sanders; Democrats' Hell-No; Can You Feel the Rub Tonight?; The Hardest Rhyme; The Many Woes of Brexit; Modern Major Liberal; Green Date; Trollin' on the Twitter; Angry Progressive Nursery Rhymes; Calendar Proof; You Don't Send Me Emails; Lirty Dies: The Train of Rump and Hemocratic Dopefuls

  Make America Grin Again (Songs of 2018) — $12

Stormy Daniels; Aristocrats from the Cradle ; Pence is From Heaven; Taking Aim at the NRA; All For Free; Happy Days are Here for Dems; Hillary Will Survive; Korea; Suture Yourself; Sessions Speaks; 401K; I Like Big Cuts; Hang Down Your Head, Paul Ryan; The Most Fabulous, Stupendous, Fantastic Military Parade; A Detective Story: #MeToo; The Mooch; Oprah-Homer; Lirty Dies

  Orange Is the New Barack (Songs of 2017) — $12

I Want a Man with a Small Hand; Wake Me Up in Mar-a-Lago; Tweet, Tweet (sample clip); I'm Not Indicted!; Putin on a Blitz; I'll Be Watching You; Angry Progressive Nursery Rhymes; (sample clip); Ain't No Sunshine When I'm Gone; Elderly and Ovaries; We Warm the World; Secretary of Edukashun; Mexifornia Medley; Hillary and Donald Comedy Jam; Loonies of the Right; The Supremes (Stayin' Alive); Always a Women's Room Line; Faking News is Hard to Do; Lirty Dies: Tronald Dump and Clillary Hinton

  What to Expect When You're Electing (Songs of 2016) — $6

76 Unknowns; If There Were No Rich Men; Sarah Palin Stumps for Trump; Shut Up and Vote for Me; Fox News Medley (If We Only Had a Brain Surgeon, Hard Crazed Right, Marco Man, The Shadiest Things); Bill on Hillary; Deleter of the Facts; Kasich is the Hardest Rhyme; The Brain-Mouth Connection; The Democrats Debate; Trump Acres; Hello, Is It Mitt You're Looking For?; Like in Rolling Stone; What Kind of Fuel Am I?; Apple vs. the FBI; Lirty Dies: Picking our Breast and Bightest; O, Canada

  Mock the Vote (Songs of 2015) — $6

Fever Airways; Stuck in the Middle East, Too; Jeb is Ready, He's My Brother; Cuba-Havana; The iMpossible iWatch; Sixteen Times (and the Clintons are Broke); Get Out Joe; Ukraine Parts Keep Falling to the Reds; Ain't No Pipeline, Now It's Gone; Embraceable Jew; Don't Call them Redskins; Mid-Term Madness: Speaker of the House, Reid Will Survive, Hard-Crazed Right; All About the Base; How Do You Solve a Problem Like Crimea?; Kim Jong Un-Happy; Lirty Dies: Copular Pulture

  How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (Songs of 2014) — $6

I'll Be Watching You; I Don't Know How To Log In; Putin On a Blitz; The Big Benghazi; Livin' La Vida Marco; Pope And Change; De-Fund Fund Fund; London Bridge Is Shutting Down; My Gay; Horseballs!; Everybody Must Get Droned; Brat's In The Cradle; Getting Snowden; Quackety Quack; Don't Know Much; Stand By Iran; Kate Expectations; When I.R.S. Guys Are Smiling; Lirty Dies: The A.S.N., The Tayor Of Moronto, And Bustin Jeiber

  Fiscal Shades of Gray (Songs of 2013) — $6

Embattled Hymn of the Republicans; Greece! The Musical; Twinkie Twinkie; Secret Service Man; I'm Just a Pill; Down the Road Again; I Like Big Bucks; Modern Major General Disaster; One Joke Over the Line; Justice Roberts; Binders Full of Women; Harpin' Bout the Gsa; Al Gore-Zeera; New York Soda CSI ; Rolling Kidney Stones; The Blame Game; The Pope's First Tweet; Gay Dream Believer; Sunni Side of Tikrit; Lirty Dies: Peneral Gatreus, Ance Larmstrong and the Sporld of Worts

  Take the Money and Run for President (Songs of 2012) — $6

Amazing Rick; Love Potion Number 9-9-9 ; Three Little Wives of Newt; Osama and the Sea; You Can't Hide This Biden Guy; Help Me Fake It to the Right; Candidates' Hello!; Midnight Ride of Paul Revised; Don't Go Fakin' You're Smart; If I Tax a Rich Man; Occupy Wall Street Journal; Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weiner; Bush Cloned Cowboy; The Devil Meets Khadafy; Super Congress Debt Committee; Green, Green Grass at Home; Arnold at a Dating Service; We Need a Little Christie; Old Time McCain And Dole; Lirty Dies: A Lunch Of Boozers; We Didn't Start Satire

  Desperate Housemembers (Songs of 2011) — $6

Put Your Cans in the Hand; Hotel Arizona; Ballad of the Queen Berets; Obama Spice Man; Right Wing Striking; Berlusconi Amore; March Like an Egyptian; Mubarak's Way; Fun Fun Fun 'Til Obama Takes Our Tea Bags Away; Memoirs; Scalia; Loonies of the Right; You Fill Out Your Census; Furry with the Singe On Top; What Kind of Cool Am I?; Under BP; Al Gore Goes to a Dating Service; New York, No Pork; Chilean Miners CSI; I've Grown Accustomed to My Facebook; Lirty Dies: The Porld of Wolitics and the Sporld of Worts

  Liberal Shop of Horrors (Songs of 2010) — $6

Return to Spenders; Taxicab Driver; Cash for Codgers; Strangers on This Flight; Fly of the Tiger; Going Green; Don't Cry, I'm in Argentina; You Can't Hide That Nobel Prize; Officer Crowley; Obamamania; Everything's Coming Up Roguey; We Arrrr the World; The Great Health Care Trial Balloon; The Twitter; Swine Fever; Secret Kenyan Man; In the Nude; A Detective's Story: The Iranian Candidate; We've Got a Lot of Livers to Do; Battle Hymn of the Tea Public; Lirty Dies — 2009 Yite a Quear

  Obama Mia! (Songs of 2009) — $6

Obama Mia; Ebony and Ovaries; Midnight Raid to Georgia; Neiman's is a Girl's Best Friend; George Bush: A Time for Refraction; The Chap Who Threw His Two Shoes; George W. Credit Report.com; Barackberry; Help Me, Honda; Octomom; Oprah-bama; I Wrecked My Heart With Spam and Crisco; Monster Cash; Little Plumber Boy; Senate Seat for Sale: Slightly Used; Terror Cutbacks; Hillary Will Survive; When I'm 84; Subprime Mortgage Holders; 401k; Lirty Dies: 2008 -- The Load to the Erection

  Campaign and Suffering (Songs of 2008) — $6

Tap Three Times;   Buy, Buy, American Pie; The Brain-Mouth Connection; Help Me Fake it to the Right; McCain's Campaign; Beverly Hills Candidate; TB on a Jet Plane; Don Imus is a Girl's Best Friend; Relying on Nine-Eleven; I'm So Pretty; The Lonely Leahy; Mad Attorney General; Huckabee; Obama Meets Osama; Ten Pills and You're Fine; 76 Unknowns; C-Span; Votin' Four to Five; Hillary's Way; Oh What a Beautiful Mormon; Lirty Dies: Haris Pilton and the Bort of Spaceball

  Springtime For Liberals (Songs of 2007) — $6

Springtime for Liberals, Everything's Run By Pelosi, Polonium 209, George Bush Speaks to the Nation, Ain't No Rumsfeld, Stand By Japan, A Leader Like Barack, If I Were a Rich Mensch, Lust in Space, Juan Nation, FEMA, Congress, it is A-Changin', TSA Investigation: Moist and Dangerous, Viagra, Still Crazy, Hole in the Ozone, Depends on NASA, Loonies of the Right, Shamlet, Bein' Pope, Old Man Rumsfeld, Aristocrats from the Cradle, Glory, NSA, Lirty Dies: Cremodats, Peerublicans, and the Lorious Glandslide of Soo-Thousand Tix

  I'm So Indicted (Songs of 2006) — $6

Here's to You, Reverend Robertson, George Bush speaks, I'm So Indicted, What a Difference Delay Makes, Three Little Kurds from School, Government Lessons for Little Children: Chicken Little, Can't Get to a Church, GOP-BS, Sam Alito, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?, In the Metro, Rolling Kidney Stones, Dubai Dubai Doo, This is the House that Jack Bribed, FU Airlines, Living Will, Old Finger, Rafael Palmeiro's Greatest Hits, John Bolton Goes to the U.N., Michael Brown, Deep Throat, When I'm 84, God Bless My S.U.V., Lirty Dies: Ecret Sagents, Ack Jabramoff, Chick Daney, Yubble-Doo and the Storrible Horm

  Four More Years in the Bush Leagues (Songs of 2005) — $6

Embraceable Jew, Wouldn't It Be Hillary?, The Sunni Side of Tikrit, Someone Dumber Might, I Like Big Cuts and I Cannot Lie, There is Nothing Like Ukraine, Fakey Purple Hearts, I've Taken Stands on Both Sides Now, The Candidates' Debate, Der Nadermouth, It Don't Mean a Thing if Your State's Not a Swing, Electile Dysfunction, He Works Hard for the Country, If I Only Had a Plan, The Impossible Dean, Sunni and Cher, This Land's Not Your Land, Detective Story, The Supremes, Lirty Dies

  Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad (Songs of 2004) — $6

Green Green Grass at Home, Help Rwanda, Ain't No Surplus, Now It's Gone, Democratic Hit Parade: The Lieberman; I'm So Pretty; Kerry Baby; So Electable; Modern NATO General; Gay Dean Believer; Shout. I Wish I Was on Oxycontin, Hillary's Way, Cameroon, Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad, Spider Hole, I Want a Guy Just Like the Guy Who Married Dear Old Dad, Kobe Bryant Jewelers, Frogs at War, Goodbye, Uday, Qusay, Cows Gone Mad, SuperCaliforniaRecallFreakShowWasAtrocious, The Fondler, Lirty Dies: Falicornia, Bobe Kryant, Jichael Mackson

  Between Iraq and a Hard Place (Songs of 2003) — $6

God Bless My S.U.V., Hans Blix and the Inspectors, 401(k), Korea, Clinton Thinks the French Have a Lot of Gaul, Talk 'bout Saddam, I've Grown a Culture in This Place, Hang Down Your Head Tom Daschle, You Don't Bring Me Flowers, You Can't Fly with Giant Thighs, Sound of Moose-Sick, Toricelli, Agent 2004, It's Not Easy Bein' White, Bibbity Bobbity Spew, Condoleezza, Kleptomaniac, Danger's in the Bite, This Fish is Made for Walkin', Heard it on the Nightline, The Law Firm of Zacharias Moussaui, Speaker of the House, Lirty Dies: Sadman Maddam and Yubble-Doo, Prad Beasts, and Lenator Sott

  When Bush Comes to Shove (Songs of 2002) — $6

Shoe-Bomb, Don't Go Faking You're Smart, Enron-ron-ron, Tom Ridge Bedtime Stories #1, Taliban, Pack the Knife, Greenspan, Dr. Tommy Tuck, Everybody Must Get Cloned, Tony with the Light Brown Hair, Jacques Chiraq, Who'll Drop a Bomb During Ram-A-Dan-a-Dan, Osama Come Out Tomorrow, Tom Ridge Bedtime Story #2, Old Man Wizard, Con-Did-It, You Don't Mess Around With Jim, Cher the Power, India Oh India, Argentina, Mooooooo, Tom Ridge Bedtime Story #3, Glory, Paranoia, Lirty Dies: Schmenron and Obama Sin Laden

  One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush (Songs of 2001) — $6

Bill's Way, Jesse Jackson's Spiritual Advisor, Pardon Me, Bill, Hill'rita, The Singing Chads, Punch Three Times, Hole in the Center of the Ballot, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Scalia?, My Staff Belongs to Daddy, George Blank Bush, Mine Every Mountain, Loonies of the Right, Keep Strom Alive, That's My Ghetto, We All Use Word, Al is Alive, One Goy, Candidate Rhapsody, Brand New Pair of Candidates, Putin on a Blitz, Fire-stoned, You Fill Out Your Census, Throwing Stones, Meow-mories, What Kind of Fuel Am I?, The Impossible Scheme, Lirty Dies: Gush and Bore, Jeverend Rackson

  It's Not Over 'Til The First Lady Sings (Songs of 2000) — $6

Livin' Libido Loca, Son of a Bush, Al and Bill Order a Little Chinese, Put Ten Grand in the Hand, Won't You Go Home, Bill Bradley?, Who Wants to be a Millionaire Candidate?, You're So Vague, Bob Dole's Millennial Moment, I Can't Say Yo, Dung at Art, Blame It On the Boss at NASA, Yappety Yap, Right Wing Striking Again/Stand By Your Klan, NATO, Kosovo, Gourmet Scottish Cooking, Evolution, We Lost Your Heart, Smokemon, O Danny Boy, Class of 2000, Sheik to Sheik, Y2K, Lirty Dies for a Mew Nillenium

  First Lady And The Tramp (Songs of 1999) — $6

On The Dole Again!, Why Must I Be The Millennium Bug?, It's A Wrong Waste Of Tiparillos, Call 1-900-JESSEHELMS, Our Love Is Here To Stain, Really Scary Spice Girls, Birds Do It, You Say "IS" Is...., That's An Impeachment, It Takes A Village, You Gotta Have Parts, Out Like Flynt, Superjealousfragilemisswithsexualneurosis, Over The Bimbos, State Of Incarceration, Pakistani Bang-Bang, Jesse The Body Vs. Saddam I Am, Little Bomber Boy, Home Of The Deranged, It's Time For Tinky Winky, Like A Suburban Drone, The Boy From Salt Lake City, Lirty Dies: The P.O.G., Wick Slillie, Loctor Daura

  Unzippin' My Doodah (Songs of 1998) — $6

Unzippin' My Doo-Dah, My Pants Go Down, The Bimbo Collection, You Better Sleep Around, Happy Monica, The Linda Is a Tripp, Castro Convertible, Hello Dalai, To Steer on Mir, Hava No-Deala, When IRS Guys are Smilin', How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?, It's Just the Way You Look Too Tight, Hold the Phones, A Tisket, A Casket, God Bless the U.F.O., 101 Damnations, Pardon Me Miss, Is This The Chap Who Tried to Chew You?, The Unabomber Song, I Enjoy Being Al Gore, How the Gates Stole Christmas, Golden State Chokers, Texas Steak-Out, My Swell E-Coli Baby, Mamas, Donít Let Your Babies Grow Up Like the Cowboys, Ol' Man Zipper, Lirty Dies: Imbos in the Boffice, Trida Lipp, and Marmy Smarv

  Sixteen Scandals (Songs of 1997) — $6

Secret Asian Man, White House Hotel, Don't Cry For Me, Judge Scalia, Sheik to Sheik, Right Wing Striking Again, Send in the Clones, Loonies of the Right, Who's on First ?, I Want a Man With a Slow Pulse, Hill-Liar-y, The Gandhi Man, My Fungus Valentine, Boris Alive !, The Hallelujah, It's Over, Chorus, We Like That Old-Timer Robert Dole, Master Debaters, It's Not Easy Bein' Mean, Bomb Iraq, Hooked on Ebonics, Always a Women's Room Line, In Drag Net, Europest, Lirty Dies: Mick Dorris, Graberdeen, Lathy Kee

  Return To Center (Songs of 1996) — $6

Newt Newt Newt Goin' Out My Back Door; Can You Feel the Rub Tonight?; The Personal Diaries of Al Gore; Take Hillary...Please! Return to Center; Glory Paranoia; Where's Waldholtz? Yackety Yack, Jackques Chirac; Waiting for Perot; I'm in the Mood for Bugs; Angry Feminist Nursery Rhymes; Alle Quebecois Semi-Colin; Your Son'll Come Out Tomorrow; New York City Department of Courteousness; Good Morning Starbucks; I Am Shannon, Hear Me Roar; Johnnie Cochran's Fairy Tales; The Merchant of Venice Beach; More Johnnie Cochran's Fairy Tales; Papal Doll; Nerd Perfect Blues; Lirty Dies: Grill Phamm & Bob Dole, J.O., Grew Hant.

  A Whole Newt World (Songs of 1995) — $6

Supercallousmeanandnastyrightwinglegislation; A Whole Newt World; Bye, Bye, Big Bird; The Fondler; How the Gin-grinch Stole Congress; Arrivedeerci, Cuomo; Chung Girl; Don't Stop Talkin' Until Tomorrow; Sure He's Heavy, He's My Brother; Hang Down Your Head, Tom Foley; Ding Dong Things; Cane Drops Keep Fallin' on My End; Tax Your Children Well; Rolling Kidney Stones; Political Diseases: Gonnareelctum; Wonderbra; This is the House O.J. Built;Kato-tonic; Whatever Rosa Wants; Let Me Go, F. Lee Bailey; Love at First Byte; Lirty Dies: Jaula Pones, Dady Li, Octor Delders.

  Lord Of The Fries (Songs of 1994) — $6

Snippity Bobbitt, You're a Pest (Euro Disney), Whitewater, Suture Yourself, There is Nothin' Like the Ames, It Don't Mean a Thing If We Trade with Beijing, Atsa Lawyer, Everyone Glows, Biotech Baby, Time for Killin' Barney, Middle-Aged Lady Named Janet Reno, Breakin' Knees is Hard to Do, Pistils and Staypersons, Loonies of the Right, Sounds of Sucking, More Lirty Dies!

  All I Want For Christmas Is A Tax Increase (Songs of 1993 Holiday Release) — $6

Dumber Boy, Let Perot, We Need a Little Christophe, Check My Calls From Wood of Holly, Gun Nuts Boasting They Can Open Fire, Don't Ask Don't Tell, The Twelve Days of Clinton, Now CBS Has Letterman, Rosty the Chairman, and many more!

  The Joy Of Sax (Songs of 1993) — $6

Secret Ozone Man, Wouldn't It Be Hillary?, I've Taken Stands on Both Sides Now, Raiders of the Lost Arkansas, Somali Wolly Doodle, Day Care, Suburban Drone, Plain White Rappers, Nerd Perfect Blues, I Want a Man With a Slow Mind, More Lirty Dies, and much more!

  Fools On The Hill (Songs of 1992) — $6

If I Weren't a Rich Man, Stand By Your Klan, Hello Mullah Hello Faddah, Tax Your Children Well, The Tsounds of Tsongas, SuperFranticUnproductiveNothingLegislation, God Bless My Chevrolet, Red Rubber Checks, Yuppie Love, More Lirty Dies, and many more!

  76 Bad Loans (Songs of 1991) — $6

Fun, Fun, Fun 'Til Teddy Puts His T-Shirt Away, Millie the Poocher, Lookin' for Scuds in All the Wrong Places, I Feel Petty, Wolf Blitzer, The Embattled Him of the Republicans, Won't You Stay Home, Israelis?, Resume Mucho, More Lirty Dies, and more!

  Sheik, Rattle and Roll (Songs of 1990) — $6

Leader of the PAC, Iraq is Robbin', Read My Flips, If You Knew Souter Like I Knew Souter, K-K-Kuwaitis, We Arm the World, Ya Got Hubble!, Camel Lot, Get Preppy!, Who'll Put a Bomb on Saddam Saddam Saddam?, Lirty Dies Part ll, and more!

  Georgie On My Mind (Songs of 1989 and 1990) — $6

What's the Matter with Reds Today?, On the Sony Side of the Street, Yes, We Have Noriega, I'm So Indicted, You Light Up My Flag, Talk Like a Dan, Your Statue Needs a Tu-tu, The House that HUD Built, Summit Time, and more!

  Stand By Your Dan (Songs of 1989) — $6

Stand By Your Dan, Danny Doll, Gorby Gorbachev, Life's a Beach, September Seventh, Tanks for the Memories, Austin-Boston Rag, I've Grown Accustomed to This Base, Mergermania, Jersey, Make My Pay, Slipped Disco, and more!

  Shamlet (Songs of 1988) — $6

Lirty Dies Part 1, Little Doc Koop, Shamlet, Mario, Downside Story, Ducoccus, George's Revenge, Hartbreak Hotel, Holy Rollercoaster, Meese's Pieces, Ollie Would, Put Up Your Duke, Help Me Make it Through the Flight, Panamaniac, and more!

  Danny's First Noel (Songs of 1989 Holiday Release) — $6

Congressional Pay Ride, I Saw Mommy Kissing Gorbachev, Christmas at Smith Barney, Valdez Knock a Rock, Danny and the Reindeer, Jingo All the Way, Democrats on Holiday, Here We Go A-Lobbying, Oh Spending Spree, Grandma's Up the River, Rocketing Each Other's Hinterland, Up in the Congress Oh Oh Oh!, George's King and Gentle Land, 'Twas the Night Before Recess, Mommy's Spoiled Child, Here Come Democrats!, We Need a Little Isthmus, Quayle Quayle, Silver Foot, Oil in the World, Ozone Has a Hole on High, Ronald the Red-Faced Reagan, and more!

  Workin' 9 To 10 (Songs of 1987) — $6

Workin' 9 to 10, Yokohama, Lovin' Hugh, The Supremes, Fatal Distractions, Hart Attack, Trading Game, Bomb Tehran Tehran, 76 Unknowns, A Few Good Men, Might Casey, Connivin' Ivan, Escort Service, Car Wars, Biden Time, Heavenly Connections

  Thank God I'm A Contra Boy (Songs of 1986) — $6

Boys Just Wanna Have Guns, A Suburban Drone, The Meesekateers, A Yale Degree, George Bush Now, Mr. Rehnquist's Neighborhood, Burger To Go, We Circled France All Night, While Reagan Sleeps Tonight, Thank God I'm a Contra Boy, Constructive Engagement Rings, Libya Oh Libya, The Frill is Gone, Reganpackwoodrostenkowskitaxsimplification

  We Arm The World (Songs of 1985) — $6

Get Me to the Dirge on Time, Gorby Gorbachev, You Write Up My Wife, Home Sweet Home, When I'm 62, Deficit Discounters, Dutch The Magic Reagan, Perfect Present Residents, Meet the Press, Tax Lite, Stock Man, Nice Work, Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Yuppies, Saab Story, 'Crats, We Arm The World

  The Capitol Steps Live (Songs of 1984) — $6

Hark When Gerald Ford Was King, Rancho Del Cielo, California, Tip O, to Borrow, E-R-E-R-A, My Department Dreary, Twelve Days of Business, A Loan Again, Spelling Relief, Immense Expense is Mainly in Defense, My Wonderful Hammer, Grenada, Don't Build the Bomb, Mutual Annihilation Society, The Great Defender, Tax Debate, There You Go Again, The Wreck of the Walter Fritz Mondale, Can I Run Again? Mario, Arreste Nudilis

Barackin' Around the Christmas Tree (Special Holiday Release) (Songs of 2009) — $6

Deck the Hall with Bows to Allah; A Sarah Palin Christmas; Barackin' Around the Christmas Tree; Rudolph, the H1N1 Reindeer; O Little Town Hall Meeting; Gay Pride Together With You; Have Yourself a Very Liberal Christmas; Muzzle Joe; O Rahm O Rahm Emanuel; It's (Already) Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas; Stressed Guards Boasting They Will Open Fire; The Twelve Days of Twitter; I'll Be Broke for Christmas; Over the River and Through the Woods (at least that's what I told my staff); I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus; Little Hummer Boy; Bill's Most Wonderful Time of the Year; Reality on My TV; Here Comes Sancho, Sanja, Shanghai Claus; I Came Upon a Midnight Clearance; Hanukkah Rap; Temperatures We've Heard are High; The Night Before Cambridge; Do You Hear Who I Smear?

O Christmas Bush (Special Holiday Release) (Songs of 2006)
SOLD OUT on CD! — Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.com

Have Yourself a Condoleezza Christmas, Told You So, Little Bomber Boy, I'm Beginning to Look a Lot Like Santa, Away With the Manger, Juggle Bills, White Christians, Frosty, the Chairman, Santa Claus is Coming by Ground, Mel's Christmas, Here We Come a-Waffling, The Fright Before Christmas, Up on the Desktop, What Pests You Metrosexuals, Why's the Army Frisking Santa Claus?, Christmas Wrapping, Rudolph the Two-Faced Reindeer, Do You Fear What I Fear?

I Want It Dad's Way (Special High School Release) (Songs of 2005) — $6

I Want It Dad's Way, It's The G.O.P., It Wasn't Bill, My Pants Go Down, Oops, I Sold Out Again, Mooooooooo, School Life Rhapsody, John Kerry Don't Mess Around, Osama Come Out Tomorrow, Pimp My Vice, Red State Women, People Hate Me